Welcome to PRABI Lyon Gerland

    PRABI-Lyon-Gerland is the protein part of the "Pôle Bioinformatique Lyonnais" since ist creation in January 1998. The PRABI Lyon-Gerland is located at the Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins IBCP. It is affiliated to LBTI laboratory UMR 5305. PRABI-Lyon-Gerland developps :

    • Several methods dedicated to protein secondary structure prediction

    • Detection of fuzzy motifs  in protein sequences 

    • Tools for automatic modeling of proteins 3D structures [Geno3D]

    • Protein sequence analysis software for windows system [ANTHEPROT]

    • Integrated Webware [NPS@]

    • Search Algorithm for searching similar 3D sites in protein structures [SuMo]



    We experienced a serious problem in a hard disk tray. The whole tray was changed and we reconstructed the filesystems. So we apologize for having the services down for two weeks (from 24/05 to 6/06).